Where the skies are as blue as just about any other skies & the streets are as clean as pretty much any city’s streets. Though it’s very likely you still haven’t visited, Cassfield is closer than you’d think.


Brooklyn-based poet Craig Ultraviolence Cady & musician Lucas DeeDeeRex Carey invite you to experience the town of Cassfield--coming this summer of 2013 to a town near you.

Our city’s population is shaped by their shared blanket of experiences & changing map of spaces.  We are an industrious mass who build & eat

hate & swim

sing & sleep

& yearn to love as much as we can.  What more do we have than our connections to space, time & each other?

Ah, Cassfield--

Are you lonely?  The citizens of Cassfield are just like you and we are taking our city on tour to visit with you this summer!  Join us in a symposium/meditation/celebration of not only our city, but yours and all of us as people.




Please enjoy this excerpt called “Time-Eaten Towers” from Craig & Lucas’s last show--performed around NYC in 2012--called